What is Immortality Foundation?

How was the idea born?

Immortality Foundation was established because of great injustice: anti-aging, life extension and immortality research is heavily underfunded!

We spend billions of dollars on useless research like how to whiten our teeth or how to remove wrinkles, which have no impact on our health and only make us appear younger, instead of actually making us younger. And then we spend just a crumb of that on studying immortality, life extention and how to slow aging, which would not only solve the problems mentioned before, but would also make us life longer, younger, healthier and cure aging related diseases such as cancer. How absurd it that! We waste so much money on solving nonexisting problems and yet spend almost no money on the most significant problem of the whole human race.

We could have waited for another billionaire to launch a project to reach immortality, but it could take years or decades until someone will do that. Therefore we decided to take our destiny into control and achieve the goal ourselves.


Immortality Foundation was founder by a business man and life extension advocate Filip Poutintsev. Not dying has been a life time dream for Filip as it should be for every intelligent person. Therefore after turning 30, he realized that he's not getting any younger and now is perfect time to start spreading the knowledge about longevity before it's too late. Filip frequently writes non-scientific articles about biological immortality and attends longevity conferences to meet other like-minded people. He believes that it's crucial to have good relationship with other life extension advocates, because unlike normal people they are not going to go anywhere and you will have to put up with them for next hundreds of years.


Thought we would very much like to, we do not do nor plan to do any scientific nor medical research. This is solely because we are not scientists nor physician and thus we are not the right people to do that. We are group of concerned and educated citizens that want to change public attitude towards biological immortality and life extension.

Immortality Foundation focuses on biological immortality. Which means that will be able to life longer and not age nor die from natural causes. The goal of biological immortality is to preserve the body of a person or at least his brain, as other parts of the human body can be replaced by artificial or artificially grown organs.

There is another orientation that falsely calls itself digital or virtual immortality, when it has nothing to do with the real immortality. In digital immorality, humans brain is simply downloaded into computer and a virtual copy of a person is created. This virtual copy could exists forever, but it's will be the same person. The person who was copied would still die and lack to exist. His consciousness or soul would not be transfered into computer. Rather than digital immortality this we like to call it a digital monument, as that's exactly what it is: a digital copy of a person that can be viewed and interacted with by future generations. Which is the sole purpose of it: not to safe a human being that is dying, but to provide a faux copy of him for other people. Such procedure can be also seen as digital cloning.


Immortality Foundation plans to bring human immortality to an achievable distance and enable common human to take advantage of the latest scientific and medical breakthroughs to reach one or the other form of true biological immortality.


  • Get visibility and attention for anti-aging, longevity and life extention research.
  • Educate people that aging is a sickness and disease like any other and it can be cured, and that dying is a solvable problem.
  • Find qualified people to work with us for our cause.
  • Co-operate with organizations that do scientific and medical research on this matter.
  • Motivate people to donate to anti-aging, longevity and life extention research.

How you can contribute?


Post about us on your social media accounts and tell people what we are doing. If you are a reporter or a journalist write a newspaper publication about us. We are always happy give an interview and tell about our cause.


There are always work you can do. If you are interested in helping us, write to us, and tell what you can do and how you can help us.


You cannot donate money to us. However there are other organizations doing important research work and we will be happy to connect you with them, so that you can give your donations to those who need it the most.

Immortality Foundation is a non-profit educational organization with the goal of educating people about aging and longevity, bringing awareness to life extension research and debunking myths about biological immortality.