The philosophy of Immortality and Rejuvenation

History of immortality

People have long been looking to finding ways to slow down and even reverse the effects of aging. The legendary Fountain of Youth was first mentioned in the 11th century, and it was believed that this fountain restored the youth of anyone who drank or bathed in its waters. Tales of such a fountain have been recounted across the world for thousands of years, proving that every culture, every civilization has dreamed of finding eternal youth. Alexander the Great, Juan Ponce de Leon spent their entire lifetime searching for this mystical fountain.

But what if eternal youth was not just a myth? What if technology could really make that happen one day? Many researchers are trying to elucidate what are the aging factors are and how we can predict and eventually prevent age-related diseases.

At Immortality Foundation, this is exactly what we plan to achieve. Incredible as it might sound, science has made definite steps towards human immortality. Past medical research has shown us that immortality is not a myth, it's an achievable reality. Immortality is also not something unnatural as there are currently several immortal organisms living on Earth among us. By studying them we now understand why and how we age, the next step is to put this knowledge into practice. Immortality is not the daydream it once used to be, it is very doable in the 21st century.

The idea of Immortality

Human immortality has been discussed by several leading scientists and futurists who theorized that human immortality is achievable within 2050 or even earlier. Some of the less optimistic scientists cited life extension, especially through delayed aging, as a more viable goal. The latter group of scientists mainly contented the time-frame, not the idea of immortality itself. The latter group predicts that human immortality requires more than a few decades to be achievable.

Our organization is ambitiously called The Immortality Foundation just remind where our final goal is. But before that our goal is to fight aging, extend our life time, make us healthier and younger. When biological immortality will become possible everyone will have a chance to decide if they want to live 200, 500 years or as long as possible.

Many people especially women spend tens of thousands of dollar on all sort of skin lifting and rejuvenation treatments which kind of tries to solve aging problem, but does it completely wrong. That is a multi-billion dollar industry which gives you only placebo effect - you may end up looking 10 years younger, but reality you will as old as sick as you are before the treatment, and it will add no extra years to your life.

Why not spend the money on real rejuvenation and anti-aging treatment that will not only make you look young, but will make you younger, healthier and extend your life span.


For many people immortality is some sort of taboo. You will not hear people saying out loud that they want to be immortal and some even resent it. Some people do this because of the influence of their religion or culture, but most the reason is fear of the death. Death is something so horrible and beyond our understanding that most people try to rather completely ignore it, because thinking about it would make them insane. They make up stories about a happy afterlife, heaven or reincarnation just to distract themselves from thinking about death. They have befuddled themselves so strongly that they start to oppose immortality thinking that it will hamper their otherwise immortal soul. In reality there is absolutely no proof that anything will happen after the death and our mind which is also known as the soul cannot exist outside of our body. We just die and our brain shuts down, all our memories and feeling, everything will be gone forever, like they never even existed.

We also fear death, but unlike most of the people we want to do something about it. Many people have had the same dream and sadly most of them are already dead. However we are the first people who have a realistic chance of becoming immortal - scientists already know what is causing aging and forecast that people will become biologically immortal within next 30 years!

Many people also mistake about what immortality really is. They fear that they will be trapped in their body forever and would be still alive after everyone has died and the Earth has been destroyed. That is complete nonsense. Immortal people will not be different from normal people and will not be indestructible. The only difference would be that they would not age and die by themselves. But they can still die from all the other causes, like physical injury, hunger or by freezing to death. Dying would still be relatively easy, and in case of death one would not have suffered beyond what we suffer now.

Immortality Foundation is a non-profit educational organization with the goal of educating people about aging and longevity, bringing awareness to life extension research and debunking myths about biological immortality.