How to help people live longer?

Funds are needed for scientific research

Money rule the world, so it's not a secret that immortality, longevity and anti-aging research desperately needs money. The amount of donations will in the end determine if we will reach our goal in 20 years or 50 years, and thus decide if you will be able to benefit from it or not.

Governments, as being generally sluggish are not investing enough into immortality research. They are putting money in medical research, but in wrong one. Instead of seeing the big picture and solving the cause of the aging related diceases, which is aging itself, they focus on fighting the symptoms of those diceases, which gives only short terms results.

Educating governments and getting funds from them is surely number one goal for every organization that does anti-aging research. But until they will understand the problem we need the help of companies and people like you.



If 1 million people will donate just $10 it will be $10 million. You are donating to Wikipedia, so why not donate to something more important? Besides this will allow you to use Wikipedia longer.


We all know someone wealthy and generous who likes to donate into important causes. Take some time to educate this person about immortality research. Perhaps that person did not know that such research is being done and that they require money. By convincing others in donate you will be able to do more good that you would do only by donating yourself.

Companies, organizations and associations


As well as individual person you can donate what you can spare.


As an company, organizations and association you are able to reach lot of people. Simply by promoting immortality research foundation you want to help you will be able to spread the knowledge and make an impacts basically without any cost.


Corporate charity campaigns are very popular. Whether it's giving % of your sales to charity or asking your clients to contribute it's very effective and depending on the size of your business lot of money can be raised. However chose wisely what charity organizations to support! Donations to 3rd wolrd countries are usually useless as giving them free money will not fix the problems which they created themselves. Also half or even higher % of those donations are usually stolen locally or are wasted on useless bureaucracy.

Therefore it's much wiser to donate your funds to Western research centers that are doing the good work of finding ways how to keep all of us heathly and alive.

To whom to donate?

This is indeed a very good question. You do not want donate to organizations that do wrong type of research or that are not honourable. Different organizations also approach the problem from different angles and you might want to invest in the research you yourself believe the most.

We recommend you to donate your funds to SENS Research Foundation. In our opinion they do the most valueble and correct anti-aging research and thus are the most likely candidate for discovering the cure for aging. SENS Research Foundation is also a 501(c)(3) public charity, which means that you are able to deduct your donations when paying tax as a charitable contribution.

Immortality Foundation itself does not raise money for its own purpose and you cannot donate to us.

Immortality Foundation is a non-profit educational organization with the goal of educating people about aging and longevity, bringing awareness to life extension research and debunking myths about biological immortality.