The side effects of Immortality

How Immortality will change us?

Immortality will definitely have huge side effects on our everyday life and they will be positive. Most problems and bad behavior people experience today are due to the fact of our mortality. And by the change of our mentality due to awareness of our immortal they will be solved.


We don't value our life enough as we know it will end anyway, which leads us to dangerous behavior that includes taking unnecessary risks, such as reckless driving and picking up fights with other people. But if we were immortal we would start to cherish our life more, because it will not slip away from us regardless how we life, like it does now.

This also affects how we treat other people and animals. Life is not sacred enought for us, so we kill each other and slaughter other living things on Earth. As of result of the immortality we will finally acknowledge the life is something permanent and therefore if we kill someone, as it will take away their possibility to exist foverer, contrary to current situation where by killing someone we only hasten the arrival of their inevitable death, nothing more.


The biggest reason why people today poison our planet and pollute the environment is simply because we don't care. And it makes sense. Why to care about something that will happen hundreads of years from now? Why to care about rice sea levels, global warming or extinction of human race, if we will die before that anyway? It certainly seems a waste of time to solve problems that will occure long after we are dead.

But now image if people were to live 500 years. Suddenly all those catastrophes would affect our life and possibly even kill us, unless we do something about them. The humanity will be motivate to look after the environment and our planet, because we would stick around much longer.


Today in Western countries people have children for two reasons and ironically those two reasons are connected and one is leading to another.

1. They think they are obligated to have children, as the society says so.
2. They want to give birth before it's too late and they are too old to have children.

But if we were immortal, the rush would stop and instead of having children at the age of 30, you could have then at the age of 60 or 100. This would lead into people giving birth to less children per year, which would drop the birth rate.


We have limited time on Earth, therefore we often hurry to do as much as possible and forget to enjoy the life itself. This leads to various of things, such as neglecting our family, our physical and mental health and our happiness.

Perhaps the biggest reason why we hurry so much is because we have to earn as much money as possible to ensure prosperous days of our oldness. Typically our career last for about 40 years. The first 20 years it will be pretty much determine whether we will ever have a chance of becoming wealthy, and in the last 20 year we will be making most of our fortune.

If our lifespan would extend by 100%, that will mean we would have 150-200% more time to work and gather our fortune. But the life extension research will not end there. By becoming biologically immortal we would always stay healthy and will be able to work for as long as we want, which will mean that we will accumulate more wealth and when we decide to retire we would be able to life purely on passive income.

When we would life longer, we would stop hurrying as there will be no where to hurry. We would finally find peace and would be ably to enjoy our life that will last for very long.

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