Aging and dying

Learn what aging and dying is and why it has to be stopped.

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Rejuvenation and longevity

Understand how rejuvenation works and how aging can be treated.

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Videos from experts

Watch the greatest minds explaining how life extension works.

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Artificial Organs

Soon we will be able to grow our organs artificially or print them at special 3D printers and then transfer them into our body. Scientists have already grown succesfully hearts, lungs and livers.

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Gene Therapy

Gene therapy represents a promising life extension possibility, where defective genes could be fixed on cellular level and the whole genome function could be reprogrammed to turn back the clock on aging.

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Stem Cells

Stem Cells - the building blocks of our body. In the future we could restore any damaged or old organ within our body simply by injecting activated stems cells into it.

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Young Blood Transfusion

Young Blood Transfusion is the only anti-aging treatment that is currently available to the public. Early clinical tests on humans and extensive results on mice show clear anti-aging results.

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For decads cryonics has been the only light at the end of the tunnel. Even today it's still the only gateway to immortality and last hope for people who are dying today.

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Immortal Organisms

While for people immortality is still out of reach, there are several organisms living who are bioligically immortal and do not age.
By studying them we are understanding what is the secret of immortality and the reason for aging.

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In the future microscopical nanorobots would be injected into human body where they swim in the bloodstream, kill cancer cells and repair damaged organs.

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Immortality Foundation is a non-profit educational organization with the goal of educating people about aging and longevity, bringing awareness to life extension research and debunking myths about biological immortality.